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As a Creative and Digital Production agency, we are able to provide services for education. We work closely with Schools, Collages and Universities, and welcome new opportunities to train and develop young people who are innovative, inspirational and talented.

We also have internships and placements through out our network, and take time to develop those people who have enthusiasm in what we do. Create with Technology.

We also work with educational institutions, both private and government funded, in sharing our talented, creative professionals, who can both tutor and develop students in full time education. They also lecture and run crash courses in digital production.

Students taking a gap year - This is becoming ever more common within our industry, while we wouldn't like to say we don't do this, we are unable to offer this scheme at the present time, due to nature of our business.

We are however, a member of

which means we are able to offer such placements via our network partners.

Information can be found at www.CreativeRace.com
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