• Concept

  • Scoping and Prototyping
    Evaluating and simulating...
    We make the time to evaluate, scope and Prototype in the early stages of many of our projects. We find this a great way to present to the client, a concept or idea and to simulate what the eventual finished product will be. See our case studies for examples of how we scope and prototype.
  • Campaign Concept
    We make concepts that work...
    There’s no escaping the need to consider a lot of factors together and come to a judgement. Campaigning can have method with ‘scientific’ inputs but it’s also an art, a craft. We uniquely use our art directors right from the start of all our campaign projects, who together innovate, develop and build on ideas that are thrown across a room (not physically of course). We present and share our concepts from the outset and always work closely with our clients to grab feedback where we can. This, of course, is dependant on our client and their requirements.
  • Information Architecture
    Making something useable...
    Information architecture (IA) is the art of expressing a model or concept of information used in activities that require explicit details of complex systems. Among these activities are Content Management Systems, web development, user interactions, database development, programming, technical writing, enterprise architecture, and critical system software design.. We know how important IA is when it comes to the usability of our campaigns and utilise the skills of our IA specialists, when and where needed on our projects.
  • Art Direction/ design
    Creativity and inspiration...
    One of the most difficult problems that art directors face is to translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. During the brainstorming process, art directors, coworkers, and clients are engaged in imagining what the finished piece or scene might look like. Our Art directors are experienced and have proven track records in past projects to be able to hold ultimate responsibility for solidifying the vision of the collective imagination of both our production team and you, the client. Too much? Ok, put it simply, we have a dynamic and fresh approach to in house art direction and are able to manage projects with the authority needed to successfully lead projects.
  • Creative development/ exploration
    Develop, explore and build...
    We know what an important role creative development plays in the success of our conceptualisation and prototyping. Our producers, art directors and designers work together to develop and build on original concepts, turning them into doable, viable campaigns. We sketch, storyboard, plot and determine best practises during our creative development process. From time to time we involve our clients or outside art directors too!
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