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  • 3D Design/ Animation / Build
    We make life come to life with technology...
    We work closely with 3D animation companies, some big, some small within our network. This enables us to integrate animation into our service.

    Character animation, Rigging, Lighting, Modelling are just some of the things our animators can achieve. We also use animation in print collateral work we do (using stills) and of course, motion video.

    Animation can play a big part in other aspects of our work. for example when we develop web tv, we sometimes need animation for this, or if we are creating a site for a client who required augmented reality, of course we use animation for this.

    We have 2D and 3D animators, who act as part of our team.

  • Live Video / Blue screen
    Motion Video and Screen Capture...
    The Facilities at our 'Inspired Studio' allow us to carry out all types of video production. We have Video editing suites and Motion video studios.

    More information about this service can be obtained via a member of our production team. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Photography
    It's part of our trade...
    As a creative digital production agency, photography comes with the trade. When we are asked to build websites or create print or digital marketing campaigns, we utilise our team of photographers.

    More information about this service can be obtained via a member of our production team. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Sound Design / Score
    We utilise our music talent...
    We work and collaborate with music production companies in our local area as well as employ musically talented sound producers.

    We also have our very own in house music recording studios. In partnership with our in house partners we are able to produce music for absolutely anything, be it for web, tv or radio.

    We know how important sound can be when it comes to presenting a brand, campaign or concept, therefore we take great care in our music production, and only use the best people we can find.

    More information about this service can be obtained via a member of our production team. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Film Production
    Bringing sound and motion to life...
    Our in house partner Framestore Moving Media, have been established since 1992, and have produced films for Tv, web and events.

    Since then, they have been a leading film production company in the production of corporate films and business to business events.

    As your digital partner, we can also create TV content too!

    We use highly sort after film directors and producers (recognized in the industry) to work with us on our projects. This is made possible through our collaborative network.

    It doesn't end there! The Film Production Studios in Stockholm offer unrivalled film editing suites, motion capture studios and advanced video recording equipment, as well as great coffee :-)

  • Copywriting & Editing
    Making things sound real...
    Words have never been so important in today's digital world. This is why we use professional, experienced copywriters, when producing content for almost anything!

    We have a full time copywriter who is part time journalist for a UK Newspaper and utilise other copywriters all over the globe, working via our collaborative network.

    More information about this service can be obtained via a member of our production team. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Mobile Content
    Creating stuff for your mobile...
    Talking seriously now, We create a lot of 'stuff' for mobile devices. Having successfully worked with producing material for Sony Ericsson, we have great experience, the right people and the perfect tools to be able to offer services in;

    - Demo Videos for Phones
    - Backgrounds
    - Theme Packs
    - Ringtones
    - Background graphics

    We can work to tight deadlines and produce a lot of content when and where is needed. We have fresh, unique and funky ideas and concepts, and we get everyone involved. Ask us for a presentation on what we have done so far for mobile devices.

  • Email Templates
    We create a lot of html email newsletters...
    This is a very popular service with our clients. We know that most organisation's require some form of email marketing. Regular Newsletters and branded emails are a must, when it comes to portraying a professional company that is always switched on. We know the issues around deliverability, and understand the differences between web based and application email clients. We can create email templates that not only reflect your brand, but also give maximum results.

    We can take your assets or your required message and design a branded email which is compatible with over 50 email clients. We can also blast out the newsletter too. We have the tools that allow us to blast out emails, monitor emails and track users activity. All this information, of course, is compiled, and presented to you.

  • Online Marketing
    We know your audience is everything...
    We know how important the internet has become and how much of an impact it can have on your clients. Many business's have websites, however how do they market themselves online?
    So, this is where we come in..
    We have helped companies with all types of online strategies and online marketing campaigns. We work alongside you to conceptualize your requirements and turn them into effective, campaigns, that your clients will respond to.

    Common Case Studies Include Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Campaigns, Desktop Widgets, E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Screensavers, Casino Marketing...
  • Print & Collateral
    We create stunning design...
    We develop communication materials including brochures, newsletters, posters, exhibition display stands, signage all the collateral that is needed for effective marketing and internal communications.

    This can include developing messaging, copy styling, bespoke photography shoots, and of course, stunning graphic design to bring the collateral to life.
    As with all of our work, we produce design for print for a huge variety of high profile clients as part of our ongoing development of their brands.

    We rebrand entire companies, and supply logos, letterheads, carrier bags (if a shop), leaflets, posters, and more..

Find out more by getting in contact with us.
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