• Technology

  • Web TV
    We can provide the full package...
    We know the speed in which WebTV is growing and the impact it can make to any brand or company. We can build, develop and integrate a custom made web tv platform, that can enable our clients to directly upload content via a backend interface. We work with our partner framestore moving media to produce content too!

    So, this is where we come in..
    We listen to your objectives and produce a brief, then build and develop your ideas into reality.
  • iPhone Applications
    We can provide the full package...
    We develop and build iPhone applications. If you are looking for ways to get your messages, brand, and articles in front of new audiences & would like your existing customers to have one touch, anytime access to your content, an iPhone Application could be for you.
    We work with Media Planners, Advertising agencies and Global brands to conceptualize, develop, and build iPhone Applications that can be used throughout the world to promote brands, products and services.

    We use certified iPhone developers to build applications that can be distributed through a global access network. We can either handle complete campaigns, which are art directed in house and built to specification, or we can just produce an application based on your brief.
  • Casino Gaming Platform Development
    Online Success with Inspired...
    There are three general categories of casino games: table games, electronic gaming machines, and random number ticket games such as Keno and simulated racing.

    Random number games are based upon the selection of random numbers, either from a computerized random number generator or from other gaming equipment.

    We can provide game dependent platforms across all three categories and can maintain consistency with our delivery, depending on your requirements.

    We have an independent game's studio within our network that is made up of advanced web programmers based in Sweden.

    Please get in touch if you wish discuss this service.

  • HTML Build and Development
    We work from scratch...
    If you have a creative piece of work and want it on the web, then this is the service for your agency. We can take your assets and put together material ready for the web. Of course, our skilled coders, all comply to the latest web technology standards.

    So, this is where we come in...
    We commonly work with design agencies in transforming graphic design and illustrative work into a web based material. We also design and code email templates and micro sites.

    Your Place or Ours?
    We can send one of our front end coders or developers to your studio directly, extending your digital design team.
  • Custom Content Management
    Providing back end content management...
    As you know, amongst other things, We build complete websites. However, we know that our clients need complete control over their content. So we build custom content management systems to enable our clients to be able to do just that!

    So, this is where we come in..
    Along with your complete website, we are able to build either a branded option i.e drupal or wordpress or a complete custom backend content management system.

    This is a standard in today's fast moving world of the web (2.0) and we think its an important part of our webdesign.

    Get in touch and we would be happy to show you a demo of what we have done!

  • Augmented Reality
    Creating interactive environments...
    Heard of Augmented Reality?! Well we absolutely have, in fact this is something we are crazy about and are looking forward to developing more in the future.

    So, this is where we come in..
    We research, concept, and build 3D animated augmented reality experiences across a wide range of categories.

    We can work with brands, products or services and create full blown 3D augmented reality campaigns. We have in house animators and programmers working together to build these exciting, new, advanced experiences.

    Get in touch and we would be happy to show you a demo of what we have done!

  • Realtime 3D Rendering
    Co-operating and converting...
    We work with animation, a lot, and have put these services in just to let animation companies out there know that we can work with you, to put your content on the web.

    So, this is where we come in..
    We take your frame by frame content and convert this to the web, so when we build your 3D web experience, its loads quick and smoothly, and watchable by anyone.

    We can work as a production partner or as a collaborator on your projects.

    Get in touch and we would be happy to show you a demo of what we have done and talk business!

  • Custom Social networking
    Developing your idea and turning it in to reality...
    Our programmers and designers are experienced in the field of social networking, as most of them all have facebook ;-)

    No, seriously, we can build social networking sites that can improve your seo or audience profile.

    We can also build micro sites with social aspects of functionality, just let us know and we can present our ideas to you.

Find out more by getting in contact with us.
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